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We provide speech, language and literacy services to children, with fees based on their family’s ability to pay. We serve children from birth to age 18.

Center Based Services

The Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center works with pediatric communication disorders including speech, language, fluency, voice and apraxia. We provide individual therapy sessions, consultation, and evaluation services.

Since our founding, in 1991, we have helped over 11,500 children and provided families in need with over $3,000,000 in financial assistance.

To schedule an appointment please call us at the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center, (804) 266-6699. For answers to the most commonly asked questions before an appointment, information about clinical services, and financial assistance check out other resources on this website.

Community Outreach Programs

Across the greater Richmond area, the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center provides:
– In-service training for teachers.
– Speech and language screenings at local preschools.
– Literacy sessions at preschools.

To schedule any of these resources at your location or for additional information, please contact the Center at 804-266-6699 or

Our Services

All Speech/Language services are provided by our licensed and nationally certified Speech/Language Pathologists. A doctor’s order is required for all evaluations and therapy

Speech/Language Screenings
Speech/Language Screenings provide a brief snapshot of a child’s basic communication skills in the areas of articulation, language, voice, stuttering and hearing. Screenings cannot diagnose communication disorders, but can identify potential areas of weakness. Screenings are very helpful when parents want to discuss concerns with a speech/language pathologist but are unsure if a full evaluation is necessary.

Speech/Language Evaluations
Standardized testing instruments, language samples and parent reports are used to assess a child’s current level of communication. Evaluations typically take two hours to administer. Impressions may be shared upon the completion of the testing, with a comprehensive written report to follow.

Fluency (Stuttering) Evaluations
During the course of the evaluation, parents provide valuable insights into the child and stuttering in the context of family life. The child’s communication with a family member as well as a therapist is recorded and later analyzed. In addition to noting the frequency and types of speech disfluencies, consideration is given to the way the child reacts to and copes with the speech difficulties. Other assessments (e.g., speech rate, articulation, language skills) are completed for a full perspective of your child’s communication skills.

Speech/Language Therapy
Speech/Language Therapy is generally scheduled once a week for thirty minutes to an hour. A plan of care is established for each child, with both short and long-term goals. Parents are encouraged to observe therapy and/or participate during each therapy session.

Social Buddies

Want to improve social communication skills? “Social Buddies” provide a relaxed, 2:1 setting for 2 children to work on building confidence in social situations with a social-savvy clinician. From topic initiation and maintenance, along with recognizing and understanding nonverbal communication cues, awareness of emotions, self-regulation, and the use of social language, this group will cover it all!


For “Social Buddies” information, please call the center at (804) 266-6699.

Our Outreach Services are provided for free or at reduced fees to schools and organizations in the Greater Richmond area. If you are interested in scheduling any of these services, please call 266-6699.

Preschool Screening Program
Preschool, daycare or Head Start Programs in the Greater Richmond area may schedule screenings at any time during the year. Through this program, children ages 3-5 are screened for articulation, language, voice, stuttering and hearing loss on-site at their school. The goal is to identify children with hearing and speech problems before they reach Kindergarten, minimizing the impact on communication and academics. The fee for these screenings is based on the demographics of the school/family population. In some cases, they can be provided for free.

Language and Literacy Stimulation Program
This program is offered to at-risk preschool programs. The children are screened at the beginning and end of the school year for speech, language, voice, stuttering, hearing loss and pre-reading skills. Post screenings monitor program effectiveness. Certified Speech/Language Pathologists conduct the program throughout the school year on a weekly basis. Significant gains in language and literacy development have been consistently noted. A limited number of schools may participate in the program each year. If you would like your school to be considered, please contact the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center.

Read with Me! Interactive Workshop
Read with Me! Interactive Workshop is a fun and stress-free program offered to teachers and caregivers at conferences, in-services and meetings. It is conducted by two or three licensed and nationally certified speech/language pathologists. This program teaches six interactive strategies for developing pre-literacy skills in young children while promoting a love of reading.

Communication Disorder Presentations
Presentations are offered to schools and groups that wish to educate their staff about communication disorders, how to identify them and when to refer children to a Speech/Language Pathologist.

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