My son, now 7 ½, has been receiving speech and language services at SRCLC for about 3 years. He was diagnosed with severe Apraxia at the age 3 and was completely non-verbal. We were blessed to find a private therapist who brought him into the “speaking’ world, and blessed again to then have SRCLC continue with the articulation issues and more importantly, focus on the language aspects of his disability. As a parent of a non-verbal child, all you want is for him to speak. It’s easy to forget about the language component; e.g., does he understand or can he process what you are saying? It’s been a long road, but SRCLC has made it tremendously easier. With skilled, caring therapist, my son has made great strides with his speech and overall academics. We have recommended SRCLC to many friends with children who have speech issues. We feel lucky to be a worthy recipient of their services.


My son, who is almost 14 years old, and has mild to moderate physical and cognitive disabilities, has been receiving speech therapy at SRCLC for as long as I can remember. He has speech and language difficulties related to low muscle tone and developmental delays. Our insurance stopped paying for speech therapy after 3 months, and said that he would not be eligible for further coverage unless he had a new and unrelated diagnosis. The Scottish Rite provides speech therapy services on a sliding fee based on income. His therapist is one of the most skilled, caring and dedicated professionals who has worked with my son (and there have been many). Every week I am impressed to see how she works with him creatively and respectfully and is able to pull from him things I was not sure he could do. The other staff at SRCLC are always helpful, kind and courteous. I have recommended this facility to many friends and neighbors and will continue to do so in the future!


My daughter has made so much improvement in her speech/language since starting here 4 months ago. I love the family involvement. They provide me, as the mother, information to how to help my daughter at home.

The staff at the SRCLC is excellent, very knowledgeable, and friendly. They put families and clients first.

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